About DIYDesignr

About DIYDesignr

Welcome to DIYDesignr.

is a website with tips and how-to tutorials for web design, web development and blogging.

On this website I will share everything I've learned.

My interest in web design, web development and blogging started in 2010.

I build my first website with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder program.

When my first website was ready, I purchased and a domain name.

I got my site online and was excited :)


After testing my site on multiple web browsers I found out that it didn't looked the same in all browsers.

I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and couldn't stand the fact that it didn't looked nice on all browsers, so I was a little bit disappointed.

I knew that it was time for finding a solution to fix this problem.

I posted this issue on a forum and somebody told me that there were many errors in the HTML source code of my website.

The same person also gave me a link to , so that I could test en see for myself.

After seeing it with my own eyes I was even more disappointed.

So I asked the person on the forum What should I do?

He asked me What software do you use? and I told him about the WYSIWYG program.

The next thing he said changed everything.

“Don't use WYSIWYG software because this kind of software produces bad codes. Learn HTML and CSS and after two weeks or so, you will laugh at those WYSIWYG programs”

After that I started learning about HTML and CSS from websites like .

I kept learning more and more.

I learned about how to make website designs responsive, so that they will look good on all screen sizes and devices like smartphones, tablets and computers.

I learned how to improve loading speed of sites (make websites load faster). Learned a little bit about markup.

I also learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Internet Marketing and how to earn money online.

I'm still learning, because things change and evolve and new things will appear.


What I learn I will share with you on this site.

Thanks for stopping by.



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